CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall

CUJO is a dedicated IT Security Appliance, that requires no programming skills. This small device monitors your network for cyber intrusions, and stops them before they even reach your devices.
All your connected systems, such as routers, switchers, computers, traffic systems, recording, archiving, and signal processers, are volunerbale no matter what anitviris or software firewalls you have installed. This one device alone, can save you thousands in headaches and compromised data. Great protection for users of cloud based video editing, streaming, and archiving applications. AI internet firewall protects your computers and IoT devices against malware, ransomware, viruses, and other hacking threats. Think of it as advanced antivirus for all your connected devices - from laptops to smartphones to smart TVs or gaming consoles.
CUJO AI acts as an internet security gateway between your connected smart devices and the internet. CUJO AI sends packet metadata (but, for your privacy, never full packets) to the cloud to analyze device behavior. It compares your traffic to commercial internet security threat feeds and makes sure that unauthorized IP’s do not connect to your wired and wireless home network.
CUJO AI goes beyond traditional security by using a multi-layer approach that combines firewall, antivirus, and malware typically found in separate devices.
CUJO AI network hardware firewall is blazing fast. 1GB Ethernet ensures that your network speed is unaffected by network security. CUJO AI connects to your WiFi router in two modes: Direct connection using DHCP mode (automatic setup for most routers), or bridge mode for networks with several routers and/or modems.
Secure all your network-connected devices with one tool for life
Turn off internet connectivity for bedtime, or restrict online access during time dedicated to homework
Enjoy business-level internet security 24/7 blocking malicious sites, viruses, & hacks
Keep your network safe from phishing, malware, webcam hacks, & other cyber threats
Use the mobile app to control & monitor all devices on your network, receive instant threat notifications, & control internet access for select devices
Help your children build a healthy relationship with technology. Schedule, set limits, block content. Protect kids from threats.
Manually override any blocks automated by CUJO AI so you're in control all the time
Pause a profile with an easy-to-use timer
Read the latest blog posts from CUJO AI in your app
With the plethora of virus attacks on the loose, this one device will protect your system 24/7.
List price: $249.00
Price: $249.00
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