LEADER LDC-824S 520 MHz Counter


    Leader LDC-824S 520 MHz Digital Frequency Counter
    With BNC Input. Push-Button Selectable Frequency or Time Interval, Sensitivity, and Input impedance.

    Price: $120.00

    IWATSU SS-7840 400 Mhz 4 Channel Scope


    Rare! Analog 400 MHz. 4 Channel Scope, with digital readout, level and measurement markers.
    Amazing, this scope had a list price of $10,000! Come with 5 probes, 3 are Iwatsu originals, probes are "as is", not tested, not guaranteed,
    however, the scope is working. Includes Probe Pouch and Front Cover.

    Price: $349.00

    Ikegami HLM-4600 Professional HD Monitor

    46" TFT LCD. High Definition (Native 1920 x 1080 Resolution). The "future proof" HLM-4600 series has full 2-megapixel, 1920 x 1080 resolution (true 16:9 aspect ratio) 1700:1 contrast ratio and 6ms response time for exceptionally accurate and precise image reproduction. Rugged Design incorporating commercial components, black metal rear enclosure, heavy duty carrying handles, and a clean professional appearance with no raised front-panel controls or connectors.
    Price: $500.00

    Studio in a Box EBT/Statement Edition

    For Legal Statements and Deposition recording, archiving, and retrieval.
    Price: $15,000.00

    Studio in a Box

    Studio in a Box, is a complete turnkey video/audio capture and streaming appliance. The complete Studio in a Box is ideal for those looking for an ‘all in one’ solution that will allow you to control and record footage to an external USB or hard drive. The Quicklink interface will allow you to adjust the focus, zoom and alignment of the camera position as well as controlling the brightness of the inbuilt lights using the integrated touchscreen. This solution is ideal for a small office environment where space is limited, and full unit control is required.
    Price: $14,000.00

    Panasonic SDX-900 Camera for Sale


    Panasonic SDX-900 DVCPro Camera for Sale
    16 x 9 Aspect Ratio in SD Mode, Records to DVCPro Tapes (still available!)
    Great picture for an SD Camera.

    Price: $750.00

    Canon VC-C4 PTZ Camera for Sale


    Canon VC-C4 PTZ Camera for Sale
    This camera has Composite and Y/C video out, and is controllable via RS-232.
    Great for Video Conferencing systems.

    Price: $249.00

    Teradek 150 Encoder For Sale


    Teradek 150 Encoder for Sale - Standalone - Encoder Only
    Stream with Wireless via Cellular or WiFi, or Wired via Ethernet
    Includes AC Power Supply, DC Adapter, Antenna
    Options: Teradek 350 Decoder and Pantec Cellular Modems available - Contact Communitek

    Price: $995.00

    Teradek Cube 150-350 Encoder and Decoder For Sale


    Complete Teradek System for Sale:
    Teradek 150 Encoder and 350 Decoder, Wireless via Cellular or WiFi, or Wired via Ethernet
    Includes AC Power Supply, DC Adaptor, Antennas, Short Video Cables
    Great for dedicated live streaming or point-to-point streaming
    Optional: 2 Pantec Cellular Modems available - Contact Communitek

    Price: $1,895.00

    Quicklink Remote Communicator 1-1 SDI


    The Quicklink Remote Communicator allows streaming of video and audio to a web browser and return audio and video or audio only in real time, full duplex with ultra-low delay. The return feed can be received at the studio using a Quicklink Server for output via SDI or NDI. The cloud advanced firewall punch through with automatic fall back to Quicklink Relay Services will guarantee connectivity on the most challenging and secured networks.
    •Two-way audio and video
    •Ultra low-delay
    •Globally optimised low latency network backbone

    Price: $2,995.00


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