Dektec DTA-2152


    Dual-port HD-SDI adapter for PCI Express with analogue genlock input
    Each port is software-programmable as input or output
    Supports HD-SDI and SD-SDI, Genlock input accepts bi- and tri-level synchronization signals
    Hardware scaler (1/4 or 1/16), Full frame capture and play-out
    Free drivers and SDK (DTAPI with Matrix API) for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux
    Shipped with a low-profile and standard-profile PCI bracket

    Price: $1,496.00

    Dektec DTA-2174


    Quad-port HD-SDI adapter for PCI Express with Genlock input.
    Each port can be configured from software as input or output, and as ASI, SD-SDI or HD-SDI, in any combination
    Hardware separates HANC, VANC, video with simultaneous access to full frames
    On-board 1/4 or 1/16 video scaling
    Bi-level and tri-level genlock input port, or digital genlock through port 1
    Two RS-422 ports for connection to a deck
    PCI Express x4 gen3 for high performance
    Free drivers and SDK (DTAPI with Matrix API) for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux

    Price: $1,695.00

    Dektec DTU-351


    The DTU-351 is an attractively priced USB-3 device for getting HD-SDI signals into a laptop,
    tablet or PC. The unit is bus-powered, so no power supply is required.
    Full SDI frames are transferred so that applications have access to 16 audio channels
    and all other HANC and VANC packets.

    Price: $497.00



    4 INPUT HD-SDI Edition
    The Minicaster™ is a Portable HD/SD Live Streaming Video Switcher/Encoder in a 1/2 rack (8.5") width footprint. Designed by Brian Isaacson to provide the ultimate field-based production vision mixing with built-in streaming encoder and HDMI (or HD-SDI) Video Output. Up to 4 HD-SDI or 4 HMDI inputs.
    Encoding Formats: Hi-Definition FLASH, h.264, or Windows Media

    Price: $8,995.00

    CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall

    CUJO is a dedicated IT Security Appliance, that requires no programming skills. This small device monitors your network for cyber intrusions, and stops them before they even reach your devices.
    All your connected systems, such as routers, switchers, computers, traffic systems, recording, archiving, and signal processers, are volunerbale no matter what anitviris or software firewalls you have installed. This one device alone, can save you thousands in headaches and compromised data.
    Price: $249.00


    January 3, 2017 - 7:05am

    By: BrianJIsaacson

    As of Jan 1, 2017, Communitek Video Systems, Inc.(Communitek), and Techno Mathematical Co.,Ltd(TMath), have entered into an agreement to provide U.S. service and support for TMath products.
    Communitek's extensive years of experience in Encoder and Decoder deployment and applicatiions, will allow TMath customers to enjoy a level of support, on par with large equipment manufacturers.
    Brian Isaacson, President/CEO of Communitek, will personally handle the execution of the support contract, which covers the TM-7006E and TM-7007E Encoders, and the TM-7006D Decoder.


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