The miniMobile-HDPro is a self-contained portable streaming video encoder with VidBlaster Pro Switcher-Streamer. Single Input HD/SD-SDI Input with XLR audio in and network out. The miniMobile runs on 12VDC from either standard AC Supply or Battery, via broadcast type 4-Pin DC power connector. Housed in a small footprint, 8"x8"x4", yet delivers an HD Stream, up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, and bit rates up to 10MB/sec. All this, with a 750G Hard Drive for real-time recording. Go wireless, with USB connections available for 4G, WiFi (included), or hard wired with 2 GigE Ethernet connections. It's a lot of roadworthy streaming for the money, Stream in Flash, h.264, or WMV, and connect via our miniCView Application and CDN services or the CDN of your choice. Options: VidBlaster Studio Upgrade or Broadcast Upgrade, 2 HD-SDI Inputs.

SKU: Minicaster-HDPro
List price: $4,495.00
Price: $4,495.00